Lock Fail

I had this same problem once with a bollard and thought, “maybe that’ll trick a crackhead.” To avoid a fail, I then U-locked the front wheel, unplugged the Stokemonkey, and toe-strapped the front brake. If the cable-around-the-bollard trick didn’t fool the crackhead, he’d surely not get far with the front brake on.


Sometimes I’ll also just pull right into a parking slot, and immobilize the bike, as noted above.

What are your locking techniques for a cargo bike? I know Val figures that his Dreadnaught is so intimidating few would consider stealing it and if they do, it isn’t going far with the brakes locked.

Hat tip to jacobawhite


Crack heads are so 1990s. It’s Meth-heads nowadays, silly. You can’t out-smart a meth-head. A meth-head would throw the whole bike into their trunk or back of pickup truck and take it to a scrap metal dealer.

Right—whereas Crackheads are like Romero’s zombies in the Night of the Living Dead, meth-heads are like the zombies in 28 Days later or I am Legend.

Except, more seasoned meth heads have no teeth. But they’re fast.

I don’t care if it was parked in the bike rack outside Fort Knox—with that cable and lock job, I’m not sure a meth-head couldn’t leverage that bike out with good, swift kick.

I still think “crackhead” has a better ring to it.

Cargo bikes are a pain to lock up. With my bike the big saddle bags make it hard to lock to a regular rack, especially if I want to loop my U-lock through a wheel as well.

On numerous occasions I have decided just to put the lock through the rear cargo rack and the frame, and not actually lock to to anything. I figure it can’t roll more than about 8 inches, and the thing is WAY to heavy to pick up and steal if you can’t roll it on the back wheel, so it is as good as secure.

Unfortunately, I assume a lot of the safety of a bike lock is in the psychological aspect of locking to something. One solid kick to my lock would probably pop it off.

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