Liquid Sunshine

I LOVE Seattle summers. We go through months of dreary clouds and drizzle making our summers that much more enjoyable. We usually gets weeks of uninterrupted sun from June to September, but this week not so much.

So this morning I did the œmixed-mode commute. I hopped on the bus and headed into the office just as it started raining. I fired up the BlackJack IM on my way in to start my morning bitching to Byron. Argh - I wasn’t prepared to ride home in the wet.

Anyway, the story gets better. As I was riding home with threatening skies, it was actually pretty pleasant. It started to rain, and the warmer tempuratures actually made passable - almost enjoyable. Sure I had to do a little more bike cleaning once I got home, but it was a nice change to feel the slog of wet shoes and jersey again. Even with the wet, my ride home on two wheels was far better than anything I’d get out of sitting on the freeway with the rest of the Seattle drivers.


I enjoyed a quick spin this afternoon, nothing too far…but boy was it nice to be out on the road alone.  Could we get a hugga happy hour going sometime so that I can meet all you bike fools?

Yeah - probably a good idea.  I ride North (I live on Finn Hill) from Downtown most nights when I don’t do one of the local weekday races.  If there’s enough interest we can put something together with a formal date/time, but I’ll leave that to Byron.

Screw the bikes.  Just tell me where the beer is and I’m there.  If you’re going to cyclefest, I’ll be the one by the keg with the hugga-T.

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