Landshark mini-tandem with 650C wheels

Landshark 650C tandem

This tandem is just mid-blowing. With a 44cm captain’s seat tube and 42cm stoker, this bike has the lowest standover for any tandem this side of a Bike Friday. Judging by the components, I’d say that Landshark’s John Slawta built this bike in the mid-1990s. If I had a girlfriend who was a) really into cycling and b) even shorter than me, I’d buy this tandem. It’s steel, has one of Landshark’s crazy paint schemes, and weighs just 34-lbs with pedals. 23mm tires are awfully skinny for a tandem though, but Terry Cycles markets some 650Cx28mm rubber. Or maybe I’d build up some 26” wheels and use longer reach calipers with some 26x1.25” Panaracers.

Post to former gymnast for a fast relationship.

Landshark 650C tandem

Landshark 650C tandem


I’m 6’ and my wife is 5’
This would make for a weird tandem ...

tall people need not apply….

however, i’ve seen some pretty crazy tandems built.  Davidson made one for a guy 6’8” to share with his wife and kids.  every time i see it, i idiotically chant “chugga chugga chugga chooo CHOOOOO! It’s huuuuuuuuuge!”

Greatest “paint job” ever!!!!!!

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