Jennifer’s List

A reader sent us Jennifer’s List, a growing database of bicycle trails that uses the Google Maps API and a rating system. One quirk, when the maps are close together, it takes lots of clicking to see the details.


I prefer Bikely, myself.  They’ve added a bunch of new functionality recently.  Typically though, if I’m just looking for a simple mapping utility without having to worry about changing the route so that psycho killers don’t hunt down my home address as the starting point, I use GMaps Pedometer.

Happy clicking!

It’s good to know about Bikely! Their site has a different purpose from mine—it is for favorite bicycle rides of all types, whereas Jennifer’s List is a list of off-street trails only. Both are useful for different purposes, in my opinion.

My application is also available for free download as a WordPress plugin, if someone wants to use it for a completely different purpose. :)

By the way, DL, you can use the “Find Trails” section on the right sidebar to limit the trails shown to one state, or even search by city. Proximity search is coming…

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