iPhone + ANT+ == Bike Nerd Convergence Nirvana?

I’ve heard this conversation at least 10 times:

Roadie Tech Type #1: “Hey - what if they made the iPhone a Power Meter head unit?”

Roadie Tech Type #2: “Never happen - iPhone will never support ANT+”

Roadie Tech Type #1: “But that would be awesome if it did”.

That may be true, but it looks like Pedal Brain maybe ready to span that gap with their iPhone mount that includes ANT+ comm support.

It’s still very early as they just launched their public site last week, but it sounds promising. Does this mean no need to lug around a Windows machine any more to upload and analyze your data? We’ll stay on this and hopefully get a chance to test it out and see how the software suite works together. I doubt I’ll ever want to race with an iPod sticking out from my handlebars, but it sure seems great for training.


Here’s a newspaper article about them showing off the display. As a data nerd I’m eagerly anticipating this just based on that screen output.

Nice in theory, but it’s also a $500 (replacement cost) head that cares not for crashes, any exposure to inclement weather, or the battery drain to stay visible in better conditions.

And you could [use this mount](http://www.flickr.com/photos/huggerindustries/4211841516/). It’s well made, looks waterproof. I’ve got it here on test, but with EDGE and international data, only testing it for fit.

I don’t think you can use the BioLogic.  I think it uses the base of their mount to speak ANT+, then just serial into the phone.  A $179 8GB iPod Touch would probably be a decent option.  I just wonder if you can cache the data and sync later.  Water is obviously the biggest concern, then crashing.

Sweet… should work with the Trek integrated duotrap, etc.

Right. Wonder if the [ITMP heartlink device](http://bikehugger.com/2008/09/off-the-beaten-path-at-interbi-1.html) is getting widespread use. You spotted it at Interbike in 08.

And battery concerns. You can’t forget that. My 2G barely survives the day when I bus it to work with an hour’s worth of surfing between the trips to and from work. Add another radio, constant data crunching, and crank up the backlight at your own inconvenience.

And the iPhone-specific technical issue of what happens if you answer a phone call.

Added a link to heartlink above—and think a better app would allow you to view, edit and share your results on your phone. So go out and collect the data with a simple, bullet proof power gps-device then beam-sync it to your phone, like iBike that wasn’t so buggy. And Champs said why: I’ve got a new cool-ass iPhone mount here with me in the Bahamas and it was raining yesterday. Ya think I want to test it’s waterproofness with my phone? Hell no. But I’d totally dig a power training gps-sharing tool for the iPhone that wasn’t some crappy 1/2 ass app. That’s where the sweet spot is. I carry my iPhone everywhere and work on it and just don’t see it becoming a cycling computer. Sure for quick vacation trips or something, but not a 4 hour training ride. 

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Or how ‘bout that iPhone app allows you to make the ultimate playlist for your GPS routes and share them?

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