Huggacast 87: Roadside Assistance

Pam broke a spoke and required some roadside assistance.

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What wheels?  Why is Pam breaking spokes - this is the second one I can remember.

You ridden with her lately? She’ll rip you legs off with her woman torque and break spokes . . . no, it’s the Krysium rain wheels that were involved in that *team passing another team* crash incident on Issaquah-Hobart rode a couple weeks ago. If another spoke breaks, we’ll retire those.

It was nice to meet you right after this video was produced. Indeed, her woman torque was very much on display Tuesday. How strange that we were riding Surlys, talking Davidsons, all the while the woman on the real Davidson, the one in the know, wasn’t in on it. Strange.

I chided my wife recently about not replacing her toolkit which was stolen a while back. I asked her how she was planning on changing a flat. She replied “I have a cell phone and you love me a whole bunch so I’m covered”

Ride well!


Hello Brad—our intersection conversation is in the queue.

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