High Quality Bike Videos


Fans of our Huggacasts can now watch them in high quality mode from YouTube and for the best quality, downloaded from iTunes. We’re shooting in HD and outputting with Quicktime using h.264. On YouTube, just below the video window, click high-quality and watch. For iTunes and iPod/iPhone users just subscribe to our podcast and they’ll download in HQ.



Flickr just updated their mobile site to play videos on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Great news.


  • Kodak Zi6 – mobile, on-bike, and on the road (or dirt).
  • Canon – in-studio, highest-quality, feature work
  • Sony – traveling, feature work.



Check out How Bike Hugger blogs post for more details on how we do.


Do you mount the Kodak to the bike, or by “on-bike” do you mean hand-held while on the bike? If the former, how about some pictures and instructions?

Just read the “How We Blog” bit.  Way to make a guy feel like sh*t. iPhones, Flickrs, Twitters, splices and what-all.  Clearly my blog is little more than handwritten notes on lined paper.  I’ve tried to keep up with times, but today I feel ‘old.’  :-}


Well all that tech isn’t going to make anyone a better writer and now more than ever, it’s content that counts and we’ve got to publish content that viewers want to read. 

Blogging is just a publishing medium to deliver content like any other with some advantages for search results, placement on Google, and findability. If I was publishing a personal blog, I’d just stick to just writing. We do all that other stuff on Bike Hugger to differentiate ourselves, experiment, and for lab purposes (what new tech works, doesn’t?).

For example, it took Velonews years to get RSS and then it was buried by some .net app. Note: no diss to VN, that’s just an example of traditional media v. new. In new media, blogging, and social media the cost barrier is removed so we can try out HD video on YouTube. We didn’t spend a million building are own video servers. Instead, just bought cameras on sale from Costco and started shooting.


No—the pocket HD camcorders, like the Kodak and Flip, don’t have image stabilization chips so the arm/hand becomes the steadicam. The riding video seen to date is one hand on the bar and another with the camera. Putting it on the bars would result in unusable shots. For the Sony and Canon, that’s a good request to see how we do it and we’ll write that up. There are motorcycle mounts that will work and custom fabrication that Mark is working on.

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