HED wheels can be mini too


So we were rolling down the rover path in Taipei when we came upon a Birdy bicycle at a rest stop. Half the bikes out there were mini-wheeled folders, but this one had tiny HED aero wheels on it.

Birdy%20with%20Hed.jpg These looked to be Jet-type wheels about 40mm deep; I believe they were originally marketed to recumbent riders. They look super trick, but I honestly have my doubts that making the wheels more aerodynamic helps when their size means they contribute less to overall drag relative to the rider and bike frame. And no one on that path was really moving fast enough to justify an aero set-up.

On a recumbent traveling at 30mph+, the aero advantage would be inarguable. On a sunny bike trail at 14mph, they are probably more fashion than function. Mind you, I’d love to wind it out to see if there’s a difference at business speed on a mini velo, but that bike trail was just too crowded for riding tempo…let alone sprinting.


I want these for our Dahon Project—preferably a disc in the back.

Those are Dope! It looks like you two are having fun and seeing lots of cool bike stuff. I saw a couple sets of these being made at the HED HQ. They said most of them went over seas.


595$ for a front, and 695$ for a rear!

Recumbent wheels

Have you found aero recumbent wheels for less elsewhere?

I never felt the need to have aero wheels on my recumbent lowracer. I can ride as fast as I dare to in my current urban environment.

If I wanted an extra aero advantage, I’d go for an aerodynamic tailbox (unless I had, say, a Velokraft NoCom - then aerowheels are pretty much mandatory, if you know what I mean).

And since recumbents aren’t as handicapped as upright bikes when it comes to how many aero add-ons they can take… most people go for fairings first, then wheel covers, then aerowheels.

Got it—the point here is style.

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