Google’s Project Glass

Would you wear Google glasses on your next ride? The tech is not that far off, considering we’re riding with smartphones on our bikes now and Andrew just tested a HUP with his Garmin.


Glasses are a functional item, but beyond vision correction, what they need to do is get out of the way and/or look good. Heavier glasses to look like that? I’d rather reach for my phone.

I’m fine with it on the bike, where I accept a certain look, but like spandex, cycling caps, baseball stirrups, et al, context is required to pull off a conspicuously dorky style.

@champ in Andrew’s review of the HUD for ANT+ devices, it’s a boom that attaches to whatever glasses you wear. Though for the hovering overlays, they’ve got to project it onto glass v. showing you LEDs of how hard you’re going or not. Interestingly, the buzz on the glasses seems very strong. It also reminds me of conversations I’ve had with product managers related to pouring more tech into bike racing, to make it more interesting on TV, like what F1 or Nascar does.

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