Gettin’ High

6000 feet up Lemmon

Tucson is in the high-desert at about 2500’. Riding in the city limits is possible, but venture a few miles in any direction and the options really open up. So far I’ve only gone up Mt. Lemmon until I’ve been turned back by time or ice (pic above is from today at ~6000’). The next couple days should warm up so I’m hoping to get all the way to the top (~8000’) by Thursday.

Housing options are plentiful since plenty of folks “winter” down here, but there are some folks that specialize in cyclist. Check out The Cycling House if you want some top notch training.


Welcome to Tucson! We have some great weather for the next few days. I will be hitting the roads as well!

Cactus Cycling rides a 1-hour assault on Mt. Lemmon every Thursday afternoon starting from Le Buzz coffee shop at the Tanque Verde and Catalina Hwy. The objective is to see how far up Mt. Lemmon you can ride in 1 hour. It is a great way to test your level of fitness. Their ride calendar can be found at:

Cool - I’ll try to get out there tomorrow after I take the kids to the Rodeo parade tomorrow. 

Today I did the Sagoura (sp?) loop and got harassed by the Park Police - not going back there.  15mph on a downhill?  The roads are great, the view is impressive, but for a training loop it’s no good.  I ended up heading out to the caves instead.

I didn’t find a group, but I did the climb to the high point in just under 2hrs.  I did a little of the descent down the other side before deciding to just climb back to the top and head home.  Got pretty muddy on the descent through all the snow melt.

What a view from up top.

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