From Japan: Are bikes un-American?

IMG_4104.jpgOMFG, my step-father was right! All those liberal, bike riding hippies are a secret plot to steal our tax dollars! Maybe Toyota was Detroit’s demise after all (and not rocketing petrol prices kicking down the house of cards that the full-size SUV built). Next thing you know, the Japanese will be landing wave after wave of these Communist bikes, like this one in Hatagaya.

IMG_4105.jpg This is undoctored photographic evidence, the real deal. Bike commuting is the same as communism; “commuter” means “communist.” You heard it here first, folks.


I’m in Japan on business right now, and bikes similar to this one are all over the place.  They are almost universally a step-through frame, and come equipped with a basket, a rack, full fenders, and a rear wheel lock.  They’re certainly not nice bikes in the normal sense of the word, but they’re impressively full-featured for use as commuter bikes!

If you’re in Japan now, please grab as many snapshots as you can of the commuter bikes out there. Last time I was in Tokyo I was staring at the incredible designs all over the place none of which I can find here in the states. More information on them, please!

I don’t know about communist, but that seat looks a bit oppressive, in the wrong places.  Perhaps just the angle?

and the font - you could see this as a retro-brand, 70s communists and ride it all over “the unreal America;” on the two coasts.

The Japanese do irony also, probably better than us Americans with our Che shirts and Mao hats. The communist party is active and very visible in Japan, with the party consistently receiving about 10% of the vote in elections.

My late grandmother hated communists and wanted the US to nuke the Soviet Union for taking Sakhalin Island from Japan—it’s the only thing I saw her get excited about. Several other people in northern Japan had (and still have) a very strong animosity against Russia.

I was surprised—just for my lack of awareness of it—but the hatred of China in Taiwan runs so strong. An envoy was attacked while I was there.

Gryhrt: “They’re certainly not nice bikes in the normal sense of the word,...”

What ya trying to say, buddy? The rest of the world is not ‘normal’?

ha! :-p

If you’re interested (Hackmartian), here are some more photos of the classic Japanese bike…

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