Fixed from San Francisco

Simplifying a bike even further, Mission builds fixies with no visible branding. They sell, “a blank canvas for design.” This one was built for Joi Ito.


Of course, we’d ask for hugga green for ours with the hugga badge on the head tube.


“a blank canvas for design.” is a good way to put it, ever since I used a white Mission bike to digitally design a RTMS - BSNYC themed bike it inspired me to do an on going series of [url=“” rel=“nofollow”]digital paint jobs.
[/url] I even designed a bike dedicated to Dr. Hofmann

Very nice! Right down to the matching spoke cards.

the second link I posted is broken, this is the correct link

About time someone did the build-your-own site.  Just wish one of the medium sized makers (Surly/Salsa/Soma…) would take the trouble to do this.  Unlike Mission they could have more options (and info!) and the price-point should be more reasonable.

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