Ephraim the Track Bike

Ephraim the rather snarky track bike answers readers questions at the SFWeekly and this week responds to the question of “why hipsters would imitate bike messengers?” Hipsters even have their own line at Timbuk2 and aging frat boys can find cycling-inspired shoes this Fall (better than bowling-inspired shoes) from Skechers.

If you really want to try something hip, climb aboard a tall bike dressed like superman, and try not to seriously hurt yourself like you would in the old days of penny farthings and busted skulls.


I like those new timbuk2 bags!  Does that make me a hipster?

oh..  oh god..

breaks down in tears

wait.. no, they’re just good looking, well designed bags (except I hate the buckle mechanism).  I hate how everything has become “hipster” all of a sudden. 

Well I think by the definition of a hipster, since you just like the bag and their function (crappy clamp aside), that makes you not a hipster.

Speaking of hip, check this girl out with her cruiser.

fixed gear = hipster
single speed = hipster
vintage cycling caps = hipster
messenger bags = hipster
beard stuble = hipster
tight rolled jeans = hipster
hoodies = hipster

why don’t you just call eveyone in the 16-35 age range a hipster then.  even when you try not to fit in your are following the trend of not fitting in ei. hipster!  Just be happy they are on a bike and not running your ass over in a hummer!

I’d absolutely prefer cycling hipsters any day. I should also note, I was picking up the snarky tone from Ephraim the track bike and don’t necessarily think everyone is a hipster. It’s only good for cycling to have a fixie shown in a fashion magazine - I mean, I guess I’m an sport-utility bike hipster riding Bettie around town with a certain smugness. As a designer, I’m also totally down with the simplicity of a fixie and the merits of form and function.

I like the fixed and ride it my way. I don’t care much for the malnourished - hipster doofus messenger look that everyone will look back and laugh about. Bunch of trend huggers, who needs’em!

This whole thing about calling people out on their hipsterness is getting really old already. Don’t people have anything better to worry about? It also seems a bit hipster to call someone out for being a hipster.

Sure and good points.

Ooh, does this make me a hipster?

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