En Route to Ignite Seattle

Rode over to Ignite Seattle on the Brompton wearing a Hugga Wool T, Rudy Exowinds, Lazer "Tron" Urbanize helmet with blinky lights, and Bright Pocket pants from Cordarounds.


Seemed stylish to me, but the crew at Hugga HQ was laughing.

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Stylish?....perhaps, but what style?  Ah, therein lies the rub.

I haven’t found a single bike helmet yet that doesn’t look funny.

That’s what I like about [the Lazer](http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001ACPPC0/?tag=texturadesign-20)—I wear it when riding my folding and cargo bikes—and it just accentuates the dork factor. Meaning, the Bettie is so dorky, why not go all out with the dorkness. It would probably look more ridiculous to have my high-end race helmet on with Plain Clothes.

The helmet itself is very comfortable, goes right on your head, and snugs up with their Rollsys system. It’s remarkably airy when moving, but without many vents, not so much when standing around. The built-in lights are cool. I’d like it to have extensions for turning signals.

There’s something about it. Let me put it this way. The title of the photo should be WAITING FOR THE SHORT BUS.

I think it’s fair to point out here that I’m going to be doing the BH review for the Lazer O2 helmet, which so far I totally love. I also received one of these helmets, and my wife told me she’d divorce me if I wore it.

That said, I’ll probably wear it and tell her it’s just for testing purposes, as I want to see what the reaction of people is on the street.

The integrated flashing rear and front lights are brilliant though. (Pardon the pun.)

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