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Fucking dopers. That’s all I have to say.



David Millar’s well-written post on the topic.

Marco Pantani was Ricco’s idol. He wanted to be like him and climb like him, much of his riding style was based on him. When he would attack on the climbs, he would attack in the drops because that is what Pantani did. He wanted to win on L’Alpe d’Huez because that’s where Pantani won. He wanted to win the Giro by attacking the most, because that’s what Pantani did. He had forgotten that Pantani doped and cheated.

Bobby Julich’s response.

My CSC teammate Frank Schleck is one of the best endurance cyclists in the world. Did he miss out on a Stage 10 win? Saunier Duval’s Juan Jose Cobo and Leonardo Piepoli broke away from Schleck and dueled to the finish of the stage as Piepoli took the win. But will people question their performance now that the entire team is out of the Tour because of Ricco’s test result?

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As much as I would’ve liked to believe it was his Scott or SRAM parts (both what I ride), it was really unbelievable that he went from winning almost nothing the first 2 years as a pro to being a major force in both the Giro and TdF.

..maybe all the trash talking was just roid rage!  :D

I did notice that the Vs. crew didn’t really talk about him much and wondered if he was suspect.

Sad, sad, sad. I’m beginning to assume that every time someone does something at all impressive, that I’m just ought to get disappointed BEFORE they’re found out so I won’t have shock to deal with too.

They are all suspects/victims/perps in the same basic system…on planet earth we call that system “Sport”....and like they say in NASCAR if you ain’t ain’t trying very hard.

Or the lie that was Marion Jones—sure yes, cycling is taking the toll for such aggressive action, but damn it if the riders are letting themselves be pawns. With the ProTour breaking up, they really have to form a group to protect themselves and also clean themselves up. There’s probably no sport more drug fueled than baseball or football and we know how that goes with the players.

But as least they’re catching the buggers… (IMHO he did look way too good to be true roaring uphill the other day). Several cycling pals all agreed and we joked ‘that’s EPO for you’... and it was!

Absolutely and what Miller and Julich are saying. I think this one is so dramatic, cause Ricco was a new, young star and he got caught presumably for the next generation EPO.

I’m not really a big fan of some of the big names coming out and ‘whining’ about them (or their team) not winning because some other team cheated.  I guess it’s one thing if it was actually Julich who lost to Ricco, but how can he be 100% sure Schleck isn’t on something?  Frankly, I’d be real surprised if less than 25% of the top riders DIDN’T dope.

Supposedly Ricco got busted for something that there aren’t officially endorsed positive tests for.  I suspect a lot of other teams are scrambling to figure out what they’re going to do if the ASO is willing to test for things that were supposed to fly under the radar.

I have to say that I completely agree with the sentiment of “Fucking Dopers.”

I stopped watching the tour after the first doping ejection at Stage 5.

I love bicycling and bicycle sports and there are plenty other contests to follow.  I don’t need the Tour de Farce.

I like that the cheaters are getting caught; hopefully in the future others will think twice about trying; especially if a few are put in jail.

What frustrates me is watching sports pundits come down on pro cycling and then joking about Giambi’s mustache. I bet if a few baseball players were taken off in handcuffs rather than having the league slap their wrists; the jokes would stop.

Interestingly I posted a comment linking back to this post and Millar didn’t publish it. Millar, Julich, and the sport wants us to “believe,” but as I’ve written, I don’t. Cavendish could test positive tomorrow, would anyone us be surprised or blame the organizers on some flawed test? I don’t think so.

Note: by saying that, I’m not implying anything about Cavendish and sure hope he’s clean, but I’m not going to just believe anyone is.


Barloworld’s withdrawal of sponsorship after their rider was DQ’d on EPO test should prove the ultimate wake up call.  If Sponsorship starts drying up, riders and team management will become a LOT more aggressive about self-policing.

Sorry Mig, Barloworld’s withdrawal of sponsorship is not the ultimate wake up call. Putting Ricco and the other drug takers and enablers in a French prison is. It is a criminal offence in France lets hope they use the law to the full - I’m sorry but I believe it’s the only way to bring about a fundamental change in attitude.

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