Days like these

radar It’s days like these in Seattle, when the sun finally comes out, that I realize how much I enjoy living here. During the lowest low of our record rain, snow, and ice, I hoped for a day like yesterday and watched the radar waiting for the sky to clear.

Out on the roads, the air was brisk and the sun warmed my tights. Old routes were good to ride and it was good to see my teammates from UBC, who I hadn’t seen since November of last year.

Today Pam and I will ride tempo south to the Kent golf course and back.


Yesterday was a great riding day for me, too. By noon, the temperature had reached 50°, though I didn’t get myself out on the saddle until 2:40. With the warm sun shining down on me, I became comfortable in my short sleeve jersey and long synthetic pants. And the best part was that as I neared the southern end of the Capital Crescent Trail, I had the opportunity to test out nearly half of the route I’ve planned and mapped for the first DC Jewish Environmental Bike Ride.

I had to cancel this test ride after a couple miles just last week due to the discomfort of tiny particles of soft, cold moisture tackling my face at high velocity. I did probably 30 miles in 3:20 and got to celebrate with Mom at dinner with friends and family at Tony Cheng’s Chinese and then at the Beatlemania Again concert at Sixth & I, the Ride’s end point.

I made it out for a nice run (gasp!) this morning.  It’s days like these that make the rain seem so far away.  I’ll be rolling out here in a bit…

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