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Places we’d like to ride more include Taiwan. We’ve just ridden in the City there and would like to get out into the country.

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World-class cycling in the countryside! Great climbs. Great scenery. Sizzling descents. Puli 500m to Wuling (He Huan Mountain pass) at 3200m in 60km is surely one of the world’s great climbs. Or Taidung-Hualien rift valley intermediate riding. Out the back of Taichung around Sun-Moon lake a favorite. As good as it gets…but of course I’m biased…Get in touch if you need some tips or routes :-)

Taiwan’s countryside is perfect and the traffic gets better in the mountains. There is also a strong bike culture (for recreation) that offers a lot of opportunity to meet people.

Stunning views. Good people. Great food. I miss it.

Me too. I was surprised by the beauty of Taiwan, no one ever talks about it as a destination.

See more on Taiwan from the tour [Mark did last year]( In the years we visited, we saw Taiwan go bike crazy. I’ve also heard Vietnam is a pleasure to ride too.

Went to Taiwan a few years ago (xmas 2005) and backpacked the east coast, wished I had a bike then ,now planning to go back this xmas and ride for 3-5 weeks .Down the east coast to Taichung/Taidung ! , onto Kaoshiung via the east west highway and back to Taipei, will ride rain,hail or shine.Great countryside and hills to work me out.

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