Cycling in Sonoma

From the Telegraph is a guide to the 50 great things to do in the USA. Cycling in Sonoma is ranked 39th; now we’d rank that much higher than say, visiting Dollywood, but still that’s good to see cycling make it in. We’ve ridden in Sonoma, back in the pre-hugger days, and the riding is great.

It also made me wonder what our readers thought were the best places to ride?



The pacific coast highway between La Jolla and Oceanside in San Diego is a phenomenal ride on a sunny day.  Also, to give more credit to northern California and some of the riding up there, the Woodside, Portola Valley, Skyline area between Palo Alto and the coast has great rolling hills shaded by wonderful pines and oaks.  There is even a 5 mile stretch of road bordering the reservoir along highway 92 that they close down for cyclists only every Sunday during the spring and summer.

Haute Savoy region of France in the Alps.  Amazing.

I’ll miss the Wines of Washington team camp this year, but last year we rode the [Santa Barbara]( area, including [Solvang]( and this very hard, false flat climb that was in the Tour of California. I wish I could remember the name of it, but it was one of this mind freak climbs where you can’t believe it’s that hard—visually it doesn’t look that hard.

Northeast Kingdom, Vermont. Great roads, Great trails

Washington’s North Cross State Highway (Hwy 20) is one of the greatest scenic mountain highway rides anywhere.

Indiana = ? ... Cornfields right? Well yeah, for me growing up in northern Indiana it does. However if you travel a little further south you’ll find that the bottom 1/3 of the state is great for riding. Almost abandoned roads, friendly people, rolling hills, and pretty good pavement. I’m no stranger to talking smack about Indiana but these roads are one reason that I still go back from time to time.

In the USA it’s very hard to beat the pacific coast highway between san diego and san francisco.  I’ve biked napa and sonoma and it’s really pleasant but the dramatic scenery along the PCH tops it in my opinion.
Overall, the best riding I’ve ever experienced wasn’t in the USA.  Without a doubt, the ride from venice to rome was the best.  Italians are very friendly to cyclists on the road and the scenery varies beautifully as you pass through tuscany and umbria.

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