Cateye Inou= GPS-enabled sports camera

Cateye will soon start shipping out their new Inou (ee-noooo) GPS-enabled camera for stills and video. Maybe a little smaller than the Go-Pro camera, this item is clearly targeting the same market. What will distinguish the Cateye product is the GPS function so you can geo-tag your photos and videos and then using Cateye’s associated website you can share the footage on Twitter and Facebook. I personally have no idea on pricing yet, my sales rep with J&B Imports just mentioned to me that they are awaiting on units arriving.


It’s surprising it’s coming from you Mark, because I read all your posts and they are generally quite informative. But this one, I can not imagine how to make it any less interesting or void of facts.

Cateye has a new product. Don’t know when it’s coming out, how big it is, how much it weighs. It might be a little smaller than the Go-Pro? Let’s go out on a limb and say it might be a little smaller than the Contour HD as well? How about smaller than a Flip HD?

Why bother?


i have to agree with sygyzy

you sound like you don’t really give a shit about electronics.  you should try to sound more irrationally convinced that this product will make mine and your life better. the only thing really interesting is the GPS thingy and Cateye’s promise for seamless sharing on Twitter and FB, cause if there’s one thing we all need it is to share with the world how epic our daily ride to work is.


I saw barely a teaser about this at Interbike, but the first thing that struck me was the need to provide the pronunciation. If you need to tell people how to say the name of your product, you’ve already failed.

With the Contour+ out soon (featuring Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI out, and an external mic jack), the ee-know will have to come in at a decent price if it wants to have any traction.

Oops, nevermind. The Inou is only 640x480. There’s no point buying one if you can’t do anything useful with the video.

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