Carbon Commuter Wheels (Star Trek Lunchbox)

You could sell those old race wheels on eBay or Craigslist or use them to commute! Andy, from Hed Cycling sent us this photo of his commuter – Besides the wheels, I particularly like the Star Trek lunchbox action.



I’ve got a set of carbon wheels, and I’m pretty sure they are far-and-away my strongest wheelset.  If I had the means - I’d certainly consider it for the commute bike (and cross, and fixed gear).

Commuting is a good way for us to test the durability of our wheels.  Plus I shave a good minute to minute and a half off my commute each way - probably a lot more in the winter when the air is more dense (seriously). 

Are you carrying any technical equipment in that lunchbox, like say, a wind gauge? I’m guessing, you’ve actually put that bike in a wind tunnel. That’d rule. I mean, what commuter doesn’t want to get to work faster. Ask any of the commuter challengers!

Nice set up, but I’ll be lucky if I ever get a matching set of wheels on my commuting bike. Right now it gets front wheel hand me downs from my road and cross bikes


See I can’t do that at all, mix match anything, even tires or ride without gloves or my special bike glasses or socks. Must be my designer personality. That being said, every rain bike I’ve owned, must have at least one suntour part on it. And, as Andrew are discussing with Mike, we don’t opt for the el cheapo rain bike option and that’s probably just because we ride so much in the rain in Seattle.

I get the el cheapo option, but you don’t want parts breaking when it’s 40 degrees, raining, and you’re 3 hours from home.

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