Car, Car, Cyclist, Car


That’s part of Maui experience: lots of cars, tourists, and a few cyclists.


Oh god that brings back bad memories. One of my worst mistakes was biking to a beach and then letting my bike fall over. The chain got all gunked up with sand, and my ride home was VERY gritty. Plus it took me forever to get the sand out of all of the components of my drive train.

Amazing there are so many cars on a relatively small island. You’d figure the most you would need is an extended range golf cart.

It’s not like you need the big SUV for those occasional long trips. There are no long trips to be had.

A vacation expectation, at least for me, is to not sit in traffic, but that’s how it is in Maui . . . out of the city, a few miles and it’s ok and I rode the [long descent from upcountry]( and saw one car. That was a hard, rewarding ride—I’ll post on that shortly with a related equipment review. The ride included a new, long bike path along 36.

I talk more about Maui riding in [a comment on this post](

Hi DL,

It was fun meeting you yesterday here on Maui.I just started riding my electric bike to my business, West Maui Wellness Center, and I have to be so careful. The issue here on the island is the lack of bike lanes. The lower road here on West Maui not only is sketchy, there aren’t sidewalks for the pedestrians and the bike lanes come and go. Everyone drives over the speed limit here, too. Anyhow, my husband Tim loves planning bike road trips. We hire an experienced rider to go with Tim and also a support van for safety. Tim has biked from Haiku to Hana and then the back side around to the airport several times this way. My daughter and I ride with him part of the way and then put the bikes in the van when the road loses the shoulder. He is the first to say the road to Hana on a bike isn’t for everyone, but he has yet had any problems with the cars and said it is the best way to see all the beauty of Maui. Us girls like it because we visit all the fruit and banana bread stands and we stay at the Hana Hotel for a few nights. IT is so much fun.

It was great meeting you, I hope you get out on a boat to see the whales while you are here. Try the rafting boat ride, “Steve’s” for a truly up close view of the whales. It is so much fun!


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