BYOL:  Bring Your Own Lane

For all of you awesome commuters, here’s a bright idea. Bring your own bike lane, for increased visibility, even when the streets don’t offer one. Though we’re pretty sure that SDOT would take issue with using lasers on the street.



Is this possibly the most amazing bike gizmo ever invented?

I can’t tell if it’s actually real or a concept—notice we’ve got this safety theme going on . . . a problem I’ve had with running lights is that they’re inline with the bike and don’t project from at least 3 feet from you. There’s no crumple zone on a bike, in other words.

Unfortunately it’s just a concept. However I’ve seen this thing floating around from blog to blog (to blog to blog) for weeks, so maybe it’s a good enough idea that it may actually get some funding.

Yep—do you know where it originated? We should link that up. I can’t imagine that any department of transportation would allow lasers that could blind motorists and already someone is thinking, “damn I could run ads on that.”

Ok, slightly to your south in Portland we have a local company that seems to have a simpler and possibly more effective product that focuses on providing bikes with a presence at night.
  I’ve been riding with these bike wheel lights and I’m sure they’re more visibile to drivers.  most bike/car accidents happen at 45 degrees where its just out of the rear blinkie’s 30 degrees and the wheel reflectors (for those who still have them on) pick up and more direct 90 degrees.  this fills that gap and looks great.

Considering that the least likely collision is to occur from the rear I’d rather have a holographic projector on the front so le Béte looks like a Boeing landing on Main St.
Note that the model in the photo hasn’t another bit of reflective gear let alone lights.

I don’t think lasers will be a hit with stealth riders.

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