Buy Nothing Day

zenta_claus.gif This November, environmentalists, social activists and concerned citizens in as many as 65 countries will hit the streets for a 24-hour consumer fast in celebration of the 15th annual Buy Nothing Day, a global cultural phenomenon that originated in Vancouver, Canada.

You can celebrate this “you weren’t born to shop” event in Seattle, on bikes of all types, by joining the Cargo BIke Ride on the 23rd at noon.


Nice, we’ll be there on the Xtras and try to bring friends (assuming any of them actually read our blog)!

I think Aaron secretly reads our blog, but don’t say anything . . .

huh, sounds like a fun ride, the cargo. but their web site makes absolutely no mention of *where* in seattle this ride takes place, nor how to contact them to ask. maybe i missed something? or maybe only the cool kids are invited.

I pinged Val for you on the location, it’s probably at Aaron’s Bike Shop in West Seattle.

Many apologies to all on behalf of my ADD afflicted colleague, Aaron Goss.  What he forgot to mention on his carefully constructed page is that we will be starting at the bronze pig at the Pike Place Market (pictured, but not mentioned) and proceeding to Woodland Park, via Stone Way (to help make the popular point).  We hope to see you all there!

Sorry, I was out of town, on another Xtracycle ride.  Maybe you heard of it….. The Pleasant Revolution….

Next time, I will put the shop’s contact info there.  I had a home page link at the bottom, and the start location is listed in the title.  The destination changed anyway!

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