Buy Nothing Day 08

Buy Nothing Day is back on Friday Nov 28th:

Stock up early and come with us for a relaxing ride on Buy Nothing Day! Meet at noon on Nov. 28th, Friday, to burn off some calories from the national Day of Feasting while avoiding the crazed hordes of shopping zombies.



Val in the house!!!  I love those gauntlets, Val—they go nicely with the Dreadnought.

It’s just too bad that you can’t make it up for the ride, Jack - let us know if you’re ever up this way, and we’ll do some cruising.

See you biz-niches there!
Now for the really hard decision: Which cargo bike to ride….

unsure if I’ll attend, but if I do, you cargonistas will know my by my creative use of bungee cords.

Will do, Val—the cargo bike rides you folks do up there look fun as hell!

I’m gonna have to find me some badass gauntlets before I come, though…  ;)

29th in the rest of the world.

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