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“Whoa!” I opened up the Design within Reach catalog and on page one there’s a Biomega AMS 8 Speed Bicycle. Being sold at DWR, is probably the epitome of bikes as a designer item and it’s a commuter bike at that.

The Biomega @ Design within Reach follows the UM by Puma, another designer concept bike. We’ll have to post on this further, when I see one of the bikes at DWR’s stores, and then start thinking about who’s going to wrench the bikes for them?



I work for DWR. If you are interested in the Biomega bike or have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Thanks for commenting. Are the bikes in stores now? Tell us more about that drive system.

what is the weight of the womens small bike?




Check [Biomega’s site](, navigate through the flash, and find the Amsterdam. Biomega offers more specs, but not weight.  Figure it’s 16kg at least.

Looks like these bikes aren’t going to be in stores . . .

The weight of the women’s small is about 35 lbs. And it looks like there are a few studios that will be displaying the Biomega: North Avenue Studio in Chicago, the Portland Studio, South Beach, Santa Monica, and the Potrero Studio in San Fran.


Thanks for the update. If you can arrange a ride for Bike Hugger, we’d love to write a feature on it. Just let us know.

I posted on a related topic recently over here—in Scandinavia, they sell well-designed commuter bikes in some designer houseware shops (slightly higher-end Ikeas), so it was very cool to see DWR trying the same thing. It seems like US manufacturers and retailers are starting to catch on to the idea that bikes have the potential to be more integrated into people’s lives (and less a weekends-only accessory).

Having seen it in Scandinvia, my girlfriend and I are both in the market for commuters that are comfortable, capable, and easy to ride in street clothes. Once you see the throngs of model-beautiful men and women riding through Copenhagen in their fashion shoes—without a ANY spandex in sight—you’re led to the conclusion that the US needs better everyday bikes. I wonder if the DWR Biomegas are that….

Questions dimensions: A) length of the top horizontal pipe. B) the vertical pipe, dimension from center of drive to the top of the vertical pipe (which the saddle is connected to).
Sincerely & thank you.

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