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One of the focused stories at Interbike was bikes for Africa. There were a number of groups represented including SRAM and their World Bicycle Relief, and Tom Ritchey and his Project Rwanda<a/>. There is plenty of good literature on the sites, but if you can help - you can donate here or here.

I heard that there’s a Project Rwanda<a/> bike at a local coffee roaster. I’m going to check it out and see what else I can dig up on this great initiative.

[UPDATE - Another local group is sending bikes as well:]

The Village Bicycle Project provides sustainable and affordable transportation for Africans. Owning a bike promotes poverty reduction, rural development and personal empowerment. Millions of Africans do not have basic, reliable transportation. 99% of Africans cannot afford cars. Public transportation is expensive and unreliable. Contact if you can help.


Which coffee roaster has the Project Rwanda bicycle?

It’s the new Stumptown on 12th Ave.  They are one of the founders of the whole bikes to Rwanda project.  It’s in the basement in their roastery, where you can go check it out.  I think they use it to take coffee from the roastery the the Pine st. location.

Has anyone studied or have a response to giving someone a bike v. the building a business with it or buying it? I know they had that problem with nets in Africa. If they gave away the nets, they had no value. If sold or worked for, they were valued.

In China, three wheel bicycle is popular. It is special for agricultrue transportation and carry goods. The price is not expensive. No need electricity,no need fuel. just depend manpower.  Who is intrest in it. please send emial to me. I can send pictures to him.

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