Bikes + Art = Skatepark

I was at the Javabean getting espresso and saw a postcard for Bike + Art = Skatepark. I’m still trying to figure out what that is, but the site says,” we’re having a bicycle decorating party, a bike parade, an Art Walk, AND a benefit for River City Skate Park.”

That sounds def like something Bike Hugger would want to do. They’ll decorate bikes, then parade them, and tour South Park all to raise money for the River City Skatepark. River City must mean the Duwamish? And maybe they’ll put a bmx track near the park?


I know, it sounds odd, but it will be good. 

The River City Skate Park has no plans for a BMX track that I know of, but yes, South Park is Seattle’s River City and we have a skate park being built across the street from our new library.  Personally, I have no interest in a skate park, but I am all for one in my neighborhood.

We welcome bikehuggers of all ages and will be providing decorations for a Bike Fiesta and leisurely ride through the ‘hood.

For more info, see


The River in River City Skatepark does indeed mean the Duwamish! Please do come, decorate, ride/tour then have a bite to eat and enjoy our art walk. Proceeds of some art pieces sold will go to building the skatepark. - great peeps, great little hood, great time!

Lora Suggs

Bob, Lara,

Thanks for the comments. The event sounds like fun.

I heart Java Bean, bikes, skateboarding and our community! Thanks for helping us pass the word and rally the crew. Any other West Seattle resources to get the word out?

Javabean poured a dreamy pour on that day! You’re welcome on the post. Also check the [West Seattle Blog](

River City is indeed all the things that Bob, Lora, and Kim said above - but best of all, it will be a GREAT park built by Grindline SKateparks for bikes, skateboards, and other wheeled creatures.  We are going to try to incorporate some big roller type jumps in the aprk, but dirt and concrete don’t mix so well…  We are trying to figure out where to locate a dirt jumper track in South Park.  There are ideas, but we need some leaders.  Anyone interested?

Come on by for the event.  Part of the Bike+art=skatepark equation is also +yummy tacos… -mark

The Skate Park site looks awfully small for a skate park. Looks too close to the apartments too (noise complaints may follow)

An additional BMX trails site nearby would make sense though.

Maybe both should be built somewhere closer to the Duwamish on a larger site?

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