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More interesting that the contrasting old v. young and laptop are the two bikes in the background of this poster for Intel’s Leap Ahead™ vision. The poster also caught my attention because next month I’ll blog from Beijing about bikes (of course), but also the pace of change in China. I had read that bikes still outnumber cars in China, but I’m expecting that’s rapidly changing.



The juxtaposition of this photo and the “leap ahead” slogan strikes me as strange and unfortunate. Did Intel intend to remind old people like me of the Great Leap Forward? Am I the only person who immediately made that connection?

China’s “Great Leap Forward” is the first thing I thought of. The Chinese I know don’t look fondly at the time period. One of my friends lost a good part of his family to starvation during China’s industrialization.


That’s a perspective I doubt many thought of . . .

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