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My iPhone Omnifocus project for today is “election” – I’ll ride to the polls, vote, and tick off the tasks to complete the project (last week it was Halloween). I use OF all the time on my iPhone, being mobile traveling, and riding. I also use

I’ve found a few bike-related apps; Bicycle Gear Calculator, Cychosis, and BikePower and wondered what readers are using? Do they work well?

An issue is that you’ve got to keep the iPhone on and that app active to get any results from a ride and look at the screen while riding.

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I just downloaded iMapMyRide for the iPhone.  I’m looking forward to trying it out.  Have you tried it?

I used iMapMyRide for the first time this morning when taking my dog for his daily walk. I think the interface is terrific and easy to use. Unfortunately, the drawback of any tracking app on the iPhone is the inability to run in the background. When I launched the iPod app to switch podcasts, iMapMyRide quit and interrupted GPS recording. This is going to be a significant limit for all apps until Apple released background processing support.

My point exactly and I don’t want to diss any coder that’s worked hard to get their app out, but it’s unrealistic to expect to have your iPhone running that app the entire time on a 4 hour bike ride. A prerequisite has to be snapshot, quick view data.

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