Bike Guilt

I’ve been relatively silent lately. Let’s be completely honest, I’ve been missing-in-action without a reasonable excuse except to say that thinking about, talking about, or blogging about bikes makes me sad.

We just welcomed our second child and I’ve been out of the saddle for too long. Recovering from pregnancy, I’m not able to throw the newborn into the trailer for a quick ride. And managing two children means increased guilt when leaving my supportive non-roadie husband home to watch them both while go for a spin. Each day, more cyclists settle into summer. And each day my heart aches to get out there for longer than a trip to the grocery store.

My mood was lifted this afternoon though, as I realized that Le Tour and Cyclefest are nearly upon us. So while I may not get much actual riding in this summer, I’ll happily sit in front of the television and watch the big guns take to the mountains of France.


Kelli!  I feel your pain…at least the bike part.  My wife and I had our second in Feb. and I just cant seem to get out on the bike the way I would like…..someone needs to develop a new born trailer cocoon!

YES!  A newborn trailer would be outstanding.  I’ve heard of some rigging up their trailer to strap in an infant carrier.  But our little one is only four weeks old now - and that’s still a bit small for any sort of make-shift bike contraption.

A papoose add-on to an xtracycle.

Guess you should have kept you pants on!

Really I don’t see what the problem is with leaving the husband at home with the kid. Im sure he gets to go out and do stuff by himself during the day?

Thanks for the supportive note.  I’m tempted to get snarky, but I think it might be a wasted effort.

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