Bardessono: bicycle and eco-friendly hotel

Bardessono is a bicycle and eco-friendly hotel in Napa Valley. Arrive and a well-stocked bike shop awaits you. The bikes are complimentary and the staff, locals, are friendly.


Rode for an hour yesterday before the sun went down and riding again today with a stop @bikenapavalley for directions.


Byron - a pleasure to meet you in Yountville today.  Chilly but nice, I love the Napa Valley year round and today was no exception.  Please enjoy the visit!

Unless I missed it, their website doesn’t mention bicycles at all.  Interesting.

It doesn’t and noted to their staff. Pam found it on one of [their emailers]( 2 tour groups have come through with another planned already. If not for a longer ride like we did up in the hills, people are using the bikes to go get coffee. 

We’re not marketing the hotel, but it’s a remarkable venue that is on [Time’s Green Design 100](,28804,1892751_1892551_1892567,00.html). It’s as if they said to someone like Ed Begley Jr. Design the greenest hotel possible without [a concern for budget and did it](

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