Aerospoke FAIL

Click through, view the largest size, and see that the hub is still connected to the fork. I switched carbon bars after one got doored and I saw how thin the material was and how it catastrophically failed. It was just a few mils thick.

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Unfortunatly I don’t have pics, but that reminds me of the crash my brother had years ago. He hit a pothole at 30mph and broke his campy tubular rim into 3 pieces. The hub hit the pavement, and has scuff marks on the flanges.  He built the hub back up into another wheel. I’ll have to ask if he still has it.

Speaking of “broken” Aerospokes, did you see the “non clincher” one mentioned on BSNYC a little while back?  Some genius decided he’d convert his clincher wheel into a tubular by grinding down the rim sidewalls… hence “non clincher”.  That’s got FAIL written all over it.

Here’s the article in question, with the CL-find about halfway through.

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