Adam Carolla goes wrong

Adam Carolla took his humor a little off track this morning. During a bit about “This Week In Rage”, a caller brought up cyclists riding in the road (omg - the horror). I think the caller explicitly stated spandex-clad cyclists riding 3 wide, but it sort of went downhill from there. Adam was mostly tongue in cheek about most of it, but the co-star of the program, Danny Bonaduce was a little less careful and offered to mow down cyclists for entertainment purposes. This sort of stuff isn’t new and has gotten plenty of attention in the past. Most of the show is usually available for download later in the day.


yeah… cuz Bonaduce has a handle on his life.

Let’s be honest, though….there are militant cyclists who take pleasure in hindering motorized traffic, and there are also militant motorists who take pleasure in harassing cyclists.

Both types are a**holes and both are probably breaking the law. A big part of the solution is to have clear traffic laws and for the cops to enforce those laws (which does not happen now in Colorado).

Personally, I’m not bothered by radio personalities blowing off steam, I’m bothered by my local law enforcement not doing their jobs.

I’m ok with some healthy discussion about jackass riders who take risks or push their agenda by blocking traffic.  I can even live with Ken Schram’s rant about how cops should enforce stop signs (even the stupid signs).  What I don’t like is the people joking about how the dings on their SUVs are a result of hitting bikes (e.g. what Bonaduce said this morning).  That’s not productive or really that entertaining for anyone.

I can’t remember the specific details, but another shock jock also threatened to mow down cyclist and I think he was either removed or had to apologize. Here’s [the story](

There were three Clear Channel jockeys that made similar comments in 2003.  The disc jockeys in question were suspended and 1200 PSAs about bike safety were broadcast by Clear Channel.  More info here:

But please, if you do a PSA don’t use Danny Bonaduce.  Adam and the juggies, yes, Danny, no.

Funny, I was just thinking about this topic this morning on the way in.  I teach clinic here at the shop about commuting and I always talk about following the rules of the road. Not that I always do it (no one is perfect), but stopping at lights, staying to the right of the lane, using arm signals and the rest of the “rules of the road” are there for a reason and believe it or not it’s not to frustrate cyclists.  It truly is more safe and, here’s the kicker, if we as cyclists follow these rules (at least when there is someone around to see us) drivers may not get so angry that they want to mow us down, spandex or no spandex.  I think it’s pretty funny that in a town where a pedestrian will stand on a street corner in the rain at midnight waiting for a walk signal, the same people will blow through a red light or stop sign on their bikes without a second glance.

Dumb$h!t Danny’s comments are obviously working because folks are blogging about it…which gets them more exposure = not a good thing.

You should post a call to action along the lines of sending (un)friendly emails to the station to let them know that discriminatory remarks are not acceptable. This would likely accomplish something more in line with your (as well as my) goals.  What station are they on?  Do we have an email address for the programming manager?  Let them know you’re not going to listen any longer and that you’re sending emails to their advertisers to let them know you’re not going to listen to that station any longer and that you’re associating their products with that mindset. 

Then post a listing of the products here so I can NOT purchase them as well.
When the product managers search and find this blog mentioning their products and find that we’re NOT buying because of their crap choice of advertising venues, (and product managers do that all the time), they put pressure on the advertising department.

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