A Grandma and a Gios

I found this picture of a Gios mini velo and someone’s grandma. I’m pretty sure this is Taiwan and not Japan, so I guess that maybe these bikes are imported to Taiwan. Or maybe they never left Taiwan since I’m certain that these bikes aren’t made in Japan. Either way, Gios mini velos are much more common in Tokyo than Taipei.

Also, I’m a bit jealous if this grandma actually owns and rides that bike.


@ Mark

Dude, this Gios Mini Velo obsession of yours is getting just a little nuts. 
Do we need to stage an intervention?

sure is Taiwan. Those little green mailboxes with the characters is a giveaway. As is the steel security door and the lovely tilework blazing on the outsdie of the building :) How is miss thee Taiwan.


Intervention? Damnit, all the shops in Tokyo that I called are out of Pantos.  I’m torn between getting a Gios Feluca (next step down on the Panto) or trying to order a Panto after I return home to the states. What to do!


If the frame is basically the same, get the GIOS and you know you’re gonna bling it out back in the states anyway!

I was gonna say the same thing…you’ve been obsessing over mini-velo’s WAY too long to have not gotten one yet.  Should have got someone to build you one by now!


The wheels and forks for this frame could be a boon to frame builders in the states for making kids road bikes, road bikes for women, recumbets etc.

I saw one of these little guys in Denmark today,
Mini Cannondale. I think they may only be available out here because i didn’t see them on the US website.


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