2010 Winter Olympics by Bike

Bike Hugger is visiting Vancouver to cover the Winter Olympics on the weekend of 2/14. The City of Vancouver is making great effort to offset cars at the venues with bikes and the Oympics themselves are using bikes.

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Besides blogging the Winter Olympics by bike, were planning on connecting with the locals like Momentum and Kris Krug to learn about alternative media during the Olympics.

We’d like to meet up with you while in town. Let’s ride, show us your town, and hang out.

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You might want to check out the following I received from the Dutch and the City of Richmond.:


As you may be aware, Richmond’s Olympic celebration site (the O Zone) will include the Dutch Nation House (Holland Heineken House or HHH).  As part of the operations of HHH, Dutch Rail is bringing in around 425 bikes for staff & patrons of HHH to use. 

The first event on Saturday, Feb 6th is a bike ride using these bikes.  The second event is a presentation on Sunday, Feb 14th by the Director of OV-fiets, which is Dutch Rail’s version of a bike-share system, followed by lunch at HHH.

While your friends & families are welcome to attend the Feb 6th event, please note that the Feb 14th presentation has a limited attendance and thus staff only please.

As noted below in the descriptions, I have asked people to contact me to register.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Joan Caravan
Transportation Planner
City of Richmond
6911 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC V6Y 2C1
Tel: 604-276-4035   Fax: 604-276-4132

Excellent tip thank you.

Just to let you know-while you can usually take your bikes on the Skytrain-you won’t be able to during the Olympics.

also good—can you make the meetup? We’re doing it with the Momentum girls.

From downtown Vancouver cycling business and also resident in this daily changing neighbour with gradual road closures and bike route diversions:

Here’s an article that we wrote just last week:


Gives reasons why Vancouver maybe the lst host Winter Olympics to have the highest number of local cyclists biking for transportation.

Since we live in downtown Vancouver (and one of our biz partners has a bike shop there), we will be making observations about life here as cyclists, residents, etc. during the Olympics.

Have fun! We hope to be on the Dutch consultate sponsored ride in Richmond.

Jean Chong
Blogmaster and Editor
Third Wave Cycling Group


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