1964 Schwinn Cycle Truck

Just like celebrity deaths, “20 inch front wheeled cargo bike posts” come in threes. Seriously, I found this excellent example of a restored Schwinn Cycle Truck posted by its owner and Flickr contributor Cricketpress. The success of this Schwinn work horse contributed to the updated designs by A.N.T. Bike and Sycip, recently posted on Bike Hugger.

Uploaded by cricketpress | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.


Do you have product lineage from the Schwinn to the Sycip and A.N.T. bike? Or is that your supposition?

The Schwinn Cycle truck was introduced in 1939 and the design remained virtually unchanged while it was available in the Schwinn catalog through 1967. The key design elements of the Cycle truck that can be seen in the Sycip and the Ant Bike are 1) a 20 inch front wheel & 2) the basket which is secured to the frame not the front fork.

The ANT bike website says the design of his basket bike is based on a postal delivery bike but doesn’t specifically call out the Schwinn. At it’s peak sales the cycle truck sold about 10,000 units a year. Mostly to small businesses, grocers, florists, beverage distributors etc. While there are other players in this arena most notably Worksman Cycles founded in 1898, no other manufacture was as prevalent with the 20 inch front wheel, secured front basket design. It is my supposition that the cycle truck contributed to the Sycip and Ant bikes for the reasons stated above.

the first bike shop i worked at had one.  the piece of sheet metal between the top- and mid-tubes was a place to paint your business name.

i only rode it once.  it was heavy but stable and…truck-like.

@ Excellent research Dapper Lad . . . Mark plz ping Sycip for a response.

I just pinged Sycip and Ant bike. I’m still waiting on a response from A.N.T.

Here is the response from Jay at Sycip “We were inspired by the English delivery bikes. Generally use by rural postal carriers, bakeries, butcher shops and florist. Saw one in a movie recently and right now the title escapes me.”

No specific manufacture was mentioned

It’s a common design all throughout europe; Pashley makes one with a very nice wicker basket, and various Dutch companies make them, as well.  Here in the US, Schwinn was the common brand, and this has led to the term “cycle truck” becoming elevated to a generic term from a brand name.  For sure, the ride is great; I used one as shop errand bike for years.

Response from ANT Bike:
“Hello Galen,
Yes, indeed inspired by the Schwinn Cycle truck.
Sincerely Mike”

Hey don’t forget the Bilenky cargo bike :)  Also inspired by the cycle truck but modified for larger loads…Here’s a few pics of mine on a photoshoot!


I was looking for something else and found these industrial [bikes from Worksman](http://www.worksman.com/industrialbikes.html) . . .

Hey all! Thanks for posting my bike, Galen. It’s been a while and I had forgotten that you had linked to it here.

Yes indeed, Worksman still makes an industrial “truck bike” that is *almost* identical to the old Schwinn CycleTrucks (like mine shown above), though they don’t have nearly as much style and don’t have that nice build quality that the Chicago-era Schwinns had.

Interesting note about the Cycle Trucks: As you can see, I have a Wald 157 basket on the front (currently the largest production basket you can get). However, the original S2 basket was MASSIVE. Imagine a basket at least twice the size of the one on there now. In the 5-6 years that I have owned this bike, I have yet to acquire one of the original baskets. I’ve been told that they are so rare, that if you find one, you’re better off finding the rest of the bike to go with it, and not the other way around!

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