What’s in your Seat Bag?


by Galen Maynard on Nov 12, 2008 at 3:28 PM

While visiting our friends at Hiawatha Cyclery this summer in Minnesota, I picked up a Frost River Seat Bag for my classic Mercian Road Bike. It’s the perfect size for a day trip, or credit card touring. Here’s what I’ve been keeping in my seat bag. (Crank Bros Pump, Tire Levers, spare 700c tube, patch kit, Genuine Innovations Air Chuck & Two CO2 cartridges. There is also plenty of room for snacks, a light jacket, wool gloves, keys, wallet and a cell phone.) I dig the classic look of a canvas bag, and I’ve found it holds significantly more than the more prevalent mini-nylon seat bag I often spot around town. This Frost River Bag is pretty spendy with an MSRP around $80. For Barney Big Dummy I’m testing out a more affordable canvas seat bag made by Minnehaha Bag Company. The stitching and quality appear to be just as nice, but the MSRP is a more palatable $44.99. What about you? What’s in your seat bag?

Frost River Seat Bag
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No seat bag, I normally just carry stuff in my messenger bag, or if all I’m doing is riding, I toss a patch kit and tube in my jersey pocket along with an energy bar or two.

My thing this year is Co2 cartridges—I get so worn out by riding in the rain, I’m using Co2 as a luxury item to make it better.

Frost River?  I thought they went out of business.  The website has been dead for months.

It is really nice to inflate a tire with a cartridge and then finish it off with a pump… Sure beats getting red in the face and going into cardiac arrest while standing on the side of the road. Another little tidbit I carry is the presta to schrader adapter. Best little bit-o-brass. It basically lets you use the air pump found at any gas station when you want to top off, or fill up your presta road tubes.

I noticed that I couldn’t find the Frost River site when mapping the links for this post. I bought this bag from Hiawatha Cyclery, and they probably got a shipment prior to the company going out of business. So far I’m really digging the Minnehaha Bag, I’ve heard good things about Acorn and Carradice as well…

I have a carradice lowsaddle long flap. I usu have a laptop and lunch in there. recently I roll up a rain jacket on the out side with some toestraps.

if the laptop isn’t there, it’s usu filled with groceries.

Right now, I think I have a tire gauge, an Alien multitool, a patch kit, a tire boot, a Speed Lever, a spare brake cable, a spare derailleur cable, a pair of needle-nose pliers, two SRAM power links (one for my bike, one for my wife’s), a coin purse with about $25 in coins and bills, a couple of titanium sporks, a spoke wrench, a first aid kit, a couple of moist towelettes, a pocket pack of Kleenex, a pair of arm warmers and leg warmers, and a couple of miscellaneous straps. This stuff is all in a reasonably big (650 cubic inch) saddle bag, with room to stuff in a jacket. I also keep a small headlight, a Clif Bar or two, a compact camera, and a map in my handlebar bag, and a frame pump and a couple extra spokes mounted on the bike.

I tend to do a lot of day trips in rural western Massachusetts and I want to be prepared if I have a breakdown or an accident 40 miles from home.

For my road bikes, I use Trek’s (snap on/snap off) saddle bag and swap between bikes. The winter bag has two tubes, small sections of tires cut up for boots, duct tape, zip ties, Co2, levers, patches, and a compact tool. The summer bag just has tubes. As I noted earlier, when it’s cold, wet, rainy, I use Co2 and I’m also carrying a pump.

For the Bettie, I carry an old Timbuk2 bag with a full compliment of tools and roadside assistance goods inside of their bags.

Here’s the biggest thing I’ve learned - take the tube out of the box and put it in a ziploc baggie.  A few days of moisture and your cardboard inner tube box turns into a nasty soggy mess.

And see sometimes we’re so into this sport and lifestyle that we forget stuff like that. Or to tell newbies to not wear underwear inside their bike shorts and we use chamois creme for very good reason.