Welcome to Bike Hugger


by Byron on Jun 14, 2006 at 1:43 PM

Bike Hugger is a blog for the cycling enthusiast, for the commuter, and people getting into the cycling lifestyle. We’ve also got product reviews in the works, ride reports, and more. Bike Hugger is about riding your bike and we’re glad you visited. Today we’re soft launching, in the coming weeks, we’ll post more features, and later today we’re going out for a long ride.

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Welcome to the pack! If we all share pulls, we’ll get there faster!

Looking forward to reading more and seeing how things continue to evolve.

Guess I have a new site to add to my favorites.

Thanks. It’s great to get this out and finally have a blog just for cycling. If you’ve got industry peeps that’d be down with the hugga, please let us know.