Giro’s Got a Good Stream


by Byron on May 10, 2009 at 8:05 AM

Props to Universal Sports for the Giro coverage with a good, quality stream. We’re watching it here in the mornings live on the web land then recaps on TV. Mac users will need Flip4Mac a plugin that decodes Windows Media.


Universal Sports is on Facebook and Twitter. We’re watching and commenting with the #giro hash tag.

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What about watching it in person?  Is there some easy way of figuring out how to follow the races?  Mrs. Champs and I will be in Florence when one of the flattest, fastest courses winds up there, and it would be criminal to miss that sprint with Mark Cavendish in the mix.

It’s still pretty weird that Versus wouldn’t pick up the Giro, and we don’t get Universal Sports on cable (Comcast, go figure), so I’ll have to make do as well.  I just assume there will be better TV coverage when we’re on the other side of the Atlantic.

[VivaVelo]( is there and my Bro Eric is there somewhere—waiting for reports from him. We rode some stages there last year when we [visited Rome]( and it was amazing. We found them by visiting the [Giro’s site]( and then correlated their maps to our maps. Also [see this site](

##Also at the Giro##

* [liveon2wheels](
* [cyclingchic](

Watching a sprint finish is HARD.  Those guys are going past you in a flurry of lycra at 45mph.  If you go for the finish, take in the atmosphere, but try to get a spot up in a building or somewhere that has a high vantage point (or near the jumbotron).  Unless it’s on a hill - they are just going WAY too fast.  Have fun.