Surly Xtracycle confirmed!


by Frank Steele on Sep 27, 2006 at 5:25 AM

Surly's all-in-one Xtracycle

Byron sends along this photo from the floor of Interbike, which officially starts today. I’m sure we’ll have more details when the show is open and the bike isn’t locked down, but the long and short of it is: Surly is launching the first production all-in-one Xtracycle.

That means folks who love the idea of an Xtracycle will have one less obstacle to hurdle: No more kit-building. Also, I can’t see any reason the Stokemonkey wouldn’t work.

Questions for our eyes and ears in Vegas: Is Surly selling this as a frame or a bike? What are they calling it? What’s the availability?

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ya…i want it.  How much and all that.  I have an Xtra built up, and the thing that i’d really like to elimate is the “whip” feeling it has when loaded and you are out of the saddle climbing.  will the new Surly eliminate this?  I sure hope so.  and how cool is it that its a 29er?  it is a 29er, right?  oh man!  i can just swap out my running gear and viola…new rig!  and its even BLACK! good Job!
now to just order it.  can i be ridding it by holloween?


Yes on less whip! That’s one of the purpose of the frame is to eliminate the whip (or minimize it). Surly wasn’t ready with pricing yet and won’t have them until the summer, but the good thing is that it’ll be available from QBP, which means most any bike shop. Also all of the Xtracycle equipment can be purchased via a shop from QBP.

It’s not a 29incher to make it less complex to build — the frame is 4041 alum and looked really well built. Also, you can pop a Stokemonkey right in there.

I’ll post more on this later, but we’re going to rebuild bettie with this frame and then use that Xtracycle to build a light-duty SUB

I believe it will be called the “Big Dummy” and here are a few details I found on it.  I don’t think it would be 4041 alum because as you Surly people know, steel is real(see 4130 below). 

New frame + fork from Surly designed with a built-in Xtracycle rear end. Accepts all Xtracycle accessories. 4130. S, M, L, XL sizes. $820 frame + fork + shipping.