SRAM Brake Lever?!!@@#$#!!!


by Andrew Martin on Oct 03, 2008 at 9:08 AM

SRAM hollow

Cyclocross Magazine did a write up on something I’ve seen more and more of: Hollowing out the assembly on a SRAM shifter to make it a brake lever only. In my opinion the SRAM brake lever has the best feel on the market, and as the owner of a single speed bike I want SRAM levers. It seems I can have this luxury, if I’m willing to cannibalize a $300+ shift/brake lever set. Ok SRAM - I’m begging. Make a single speed brake lever! Cane Creek and Tektro levers are fine - but I want my SRAM! Thanks, love Andrew.

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jeeze… get a grip Martin. Besides Campy has been doing this same thing forever… except they designed one rather that stripped one down.

I would hope SRAM would focus on improving the quality of their drivetrain overall before adding new products to the mix.

I think that’s a fabulous idea—I’m a huge fan of Tektro/Cane Creek brake levers, but I have gigantic hands and the SRAM hood just seems that much bigger (although I’ve never had the chance to put my mitts around them).

Coach Curly, it is true that Campagnolo has been making Record carbon brake-only levers for a while, but have you looked at the price of them lately?!?  Gasp!

SRAM, please at least consider this…

I was just thinking that last night.  I totally agree that a sram brake lever would be nice. 

@byron-That’s the reason for the brake only lever…no need for a drivetrain.

Maybe they could rework all the old aluminum Rival brifters they’ve probably got lying around…