Red Stars


by Mark V on Apr 24, 2012 at 8:57 PM

Robergel _ Trois Etoiles _ Spoke nipple box

from Stronglight’s flickr

I have a sort of fetishism for red stars that runs pretty strong. For instance, I have never once before thought Oooh, I really want a box of vintage French spoke nipples until I saw this.

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I’ve had a box of these Robergel Trois √Čtoiles spokes+nipples hoarded for a while, it’s one of the most simplistically beautiful pieces of packaging I’ve ever seen, the nipple box nests inside one end of the spoke box.

They’re gonna be built into a wheelset tomorrow, restoring a friend’s vintage Mercier that was his father’s.

The thread pitch these use is a unique metric one, so don’t go trying to use them with modern spokes!