Parkfiets for Your Urban Existence


by Byron on Sep 06, 2013 at 5:57 AM



So I’m slammed busy getting Issue 04 of our magazine ready to drop on Monday, en route to San Francisco for a photoshoot with Wired, and the Parkfiets pop in my stream. Sometimes, the blog writes itself… and yes, the Rebar Group made cargo bikes with lawns on them so urbanites can swarm together and make their own park. Attach some lawn chairs, umbrella drinks, and ride those at the 8th Annual Mobile Social Interbike with us, later this month. Swarm the Strip with a park.

Now back to the magazine and the adventure theme we’re writing about, including a story about the 100 miles of Forest Service Roads I rode in Sun Valley.

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Really? In the picture, they appear to at a, um, park. People put time and money into things I just don’t comprehend. Don’t mind me though, I’m just crabby. You wanna lug arond scraps of lawn, knock yerself out.

As a public art project, it’s brilliant and fun…it’s not supposed to be practical, like riding your bike to work. Like I said, put booze in coconuts and show up a music festival or something, that’d be fun.