Off the Wagon


by Andrew Martin on Feb 28, 2007 at 10:34 PM

The challenge is over for me. So - I missed a day - I think it was last Thursday or something. Then I skipped Saturday…and Sunday. I was (am) sick, and I’ve got an, um, issue that is making riding a little less than pleasant right now. I didn’t ride today, and I won’t for another 2-3 as I drag my family across the globe to Australia. Once I’m settled there, it’s GAME ON! I found a great resource for cycling in and around Brisbane. I’ll be riding my new bike (pictures coming) and keeping BikeHugger in the loop on all the cool things I see during the adventure.

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chamois creme?

All sorts.  This is the “compression” kind where I think I’ve been sitting on some sort of duct or something.  It’s killing me.