Huggacast 113: Neighbor Tom’s Bike


by Byron on Jun 18, 2009 at 9:33 AM

Riding back to Hugga HQ from a Novara photoshoot, Neighbor Tom stopped me to show off his new bike and what a bike it is – a Tout Terrain Silkroad.

Neighbor Tom's Bike: integrated stainless steel rack

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I was oddly unaware of this bike and impressed. Lots of details from the headtube stopper to the stainless steel, integrated rack. Tom will use this for his commute.

About time we got him off that Xtracycle for the commute. He’s gonna need a front wheel though. Tom/bikejuju

He can get up the hill now.

Grant Petersen might approve, but I think you’re supposed to cut the fork!

This bike is a lot like what I’ve always wanted for commuting, but I’m torn between an EBB and sliding dropouts. Between ovalized shells and bad chain clearance with unfortunate eyelet location, it’s easy to lose.

You mean the massive stack height? I don’t think these frames are custom and my input is taller headtubes.