Fender Blending Fat and Sugar


by Byron on Jun 28, 2006 at 2:53 PM

It what could be the worst use of pedal power ever, Starbucks has been getting press for their Fender Blender that whips up drinks full of fat and sugar. I saw it on MSNBC, found a related news story online, and images. Now if that had been to power the lights in the store with pedals, or a lean drink, or something healthy.


Several clicks and related links later, I found the Bike Blender blog where they are doing good things with their bikes and blenders. We need a beer brewing bike.

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I am a public school teacher in Fl. I am interested in getting a blender for my classroom so that I can show the relationship between food and fuel.  Please let me know who I could possibly contact to purchase one for these.  THanks


Thanks for the comment. Visit the Bike Blender’s site and buy online or contact them.