DAHON IOS XL + Folding Helmet


by Byron on Sep 03, 2009 at 10:25 AM

Dahon’s new IOS XL won a gold in the Eurobike Design Awards. The IOS XL features integrated ights, pump, and phone charger. [Road.cc](lights, pump, and phone charger) previewed the high-tech folder last month. Dahon also won an award for a new folding helmet. I was just commenting on the need for a travel helmet.

Pango Unfolded Front Side


High rez photos of the IOS XL and helmet now available in our photostream. It’ll retail at $129.00

  • The Pango name is derived from “pangolin,” an animal found in the jungles of Malaysia that has hard plates covering its back. When threatened, it rolls into a ball for protection.

  • The Pango helmet makes use of patented Pulsium Technology, the same used in the award-winning Edelrid climbing helmet.

  • The Pango helmet adjusts for head sizes between 55-61 cm and meets EN and CPSC safety requirements.

IOS XL Details

  • 20 24 inch wheels
  • Andros* stem adjustment - forwards and backwards
  • Two trim levels: XL and P7.

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that helmet looks like Peter Weller’s costume from RoboCop.  And I mean that in a good way. “Dead or alive, you are coming with me…on my fold-up bike”

Needs a set of wrap-around glasses to match, an Event jacket, and manpris.

Wow, this thing looks nice. It’s almost pretty enough to make me want a foldie…

It is. We’ve got specs and we’ll update the post with them soon. Also see the [Mu EX](http://bikehugger.com/2009/05/dahon-mu-ex.html), we’ve been riding around all 18 pounds of it with SRAM Red.

That helmet in brown/khaki and a Dahon Han Solo would be pimp.  Maybe some leather accents on the helmet and tweed man-pris.

BTW - the limited edition Dahon Han Solo: