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no way, Olivia Newton-John’s hit was like 5yrs before that…more like this chick was riding because she’d rather not “walk like an egyptian” or something like that. ...kinda looks like she took her hairstyle cues from susanna hoffs too.

Newton-John’s “Physical” was 4 years earlier and Leotards and dancewear were still popular. She must’ve just thrown her hair up like that before the photo, all Material Girl style. After this shoot, she would’ve probably put on a sportcoat with huge shoulder pads.  Double-breasted with a gold epaulette too.

Leotards and dancewear is still popular.

Regardless of the syle and year, She’s HOT! Loved the big hair look!

Yep. You could fold up the bike, throw it in the back of the Pacer and still have PLENTY of room.

actually, the clothing style fascinates me. the ruffled and gathered trim on her top adds to her playful curls, giving us the impression that she is enjoying a windblown outing on her bike.  The ever-so practical strapless red and black high heels perfectly matches the colour accents of the Dahon bicycle.  The shorts are also interesting, eschewing a longer, less chafe-prone inseam for a daring reveal of thigh, while as typical for the 80s the high waist reaches above the navel, almost to her sternum.  In a modern sense, this contrasts sharply to more recent trends in which the top of the shorts would barely reach a centimeter above her lunchbox.

On Facebook, where Matt from Biologic posted this first, there’s speculation here shoes have a Dahon logo on them.