Knitted Ear Warmers


by Byron on Jul 08, 2007 at 10:17 AM

You can super-style yourself into the Fall with these knitted ear warmers and I think they’re cooler than the Slipstreamz, cause your spouse, partner, or you made them.


  • As noted by our astute readers, the title was corrected to knitted from crochet.


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In case you’re planning to ask someone to make those for you, you’ll need a knitter, not a crocheter. That is all.

Are those not crochet (obviously not the one who sews or crochets in the house)?

Nope, not crochet.  Definitely knitted.  ;o)

Got it. Title corrected and so what would a crochet ear warmer look like? Thick and ropy like a fisherman’s sweater?