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Its interesting that the store manager let him in. I’ve had times when the manager or the guy behind the counter advices me to leave the bike outside. What harm is it going to do to the store by bringing it it? If its an issue of cleanliness, then I would argue that a set of wheels rolling probably brings in the same amount of dirt as a pair of shoes. Yet he doesn’t tell you to leave shoes outside. Its a strange behavior from their part.

Actually, the manager usually is busy trying to get people to the front to check out the 20-30 thirsty drunks who are busy clogging up the lines.  I have seen guys on bikes get kicked out, but usually the stores like that they get $200-$300 in beer/food sales in less than 15 minutes, and are willing to overlook the shennanigans.  Also, if you just do it quick like, it takes ‘em a sec to notice, and once you get to the checkout, it’s too late.